Jarrett Ward - Tattoo Artist

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Jarrett began tattooing almost 10 years ago. Starting with a 3 year apprenticeship under Tony DeRigo of Chronic Tattoo. Through his formative years, Jarrett discovered the values most important to making high quality tattoos. Tattoos that are bold, bright, solid, and clean. With an emphasis on making each tattoo exactly what the client desires within the perimeters of what makes for a great tattoo.

Jarrett grew up in Ohio and has lived around the Cleveland area most of his life. Growing up skateboarding, riding BMX, and going to punk rock and hardcore shows throughout his late teens and early 20's, Jarrett developed an interest in tattooing. Fast forward 10 years and almost a complete body suit of tattoos later and his interest is now a career. Today, his interests not only include punk rock and bike riding still, but also painting, drawing, and almost anything with 2 wheels and a motor. Not to mention his English Bulldog/Pug mix named Barger.  

As far as his interests in tattooing go, he enjoys making clean tattoos for every client no matter the style they choose but considers himself a tattooer with roots in traditional tattooing. Bold black outlines, smooth shading, and bright colors peek his interest the most but he does not like to limit himself to one style. He also enjoys the challenge of Japanese, Tribal, Black and Grey and the ultimate style that is Pinterest.