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Meet the Artists Behind the Best Tattoos in Cleveland

At Kollective Studio, we take pride in working with the best artists in all of Cleveland, Ohio. If you’re looking for fresh tattoos, you’ll find creative artists that are ready to help you realize your vision at our shop.

All of our artists are up to date on their Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Control, and First Aid training offered by the state of Ohio. We fully sanitize all equipment and facilities in between each session. The only thing our artists take more seriously than your tattoo is your safety.

Let’s meet the artist making us the tattoo shop Cleveland loves.

Andrea Hastings-Craven

Andrea Hastings-Craven is the owner and lead artist at our shop.

Her lifelong love of tattoos started with her first piece in 1992. After getting that initial tattoo, she fell in love with tattoos for both art and expression.

Andrea started her apprenticeship in 2007 and worked under her mentor and built up her skills while serving as his assistant. She now travels the world attending tattoo conventions and honing her craft.

In 2008 she founded the tattoo shop Cleveland trusts. She’s been offering professional tattoos in our community ever since.

You can get your tattoo from Andrea by giving us a call today.

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